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Lawn Care Services

Full Lawn Aeration

     Unfortunately, here in Southwestern PA the majority of our yards are composed of clay and dense soil regardless if your home is new or old. The density prevents water, air, and nutrients from penetrating the soil resulting in a weak root system and a thick thatch layer.

     Aeration is the process of removing a cylinder of soil approximately 2"-4" long by a 1/2" diameter. These "plugs" will allow the proper nutrition to now enter deep into the soil. The aeration process is vital in order to grow a thick, healthy lawn, or to maintain the lush yard you have already worked so hard to establish. 

Four Season Fertilization

     If you think about it for a minute, most of our lawns really take a beating! Between the foot traffic, lawn mower, kids and dogs... Geeze! 

     Some of the nutrients necessary for a healthy lawn are provided by the soil, however a healthy active lawn uses a great deal of energy. A properly fertilized lawn promotes thick growth, a healthy root system, and fights off weeds and pests.

     Call Roots Property Solutions and let us provide a customized fertilization program for you! We offer both traditional as well as Organic fetilization.

Shrub and Tree Trimming

     A beautiful landscape often requires maintenance to keep it looking meticulous. Pruning shrubs and small tress is vital to keeping them looking good as well as maintaining their growth. Trees and shrubs should be inspected annually to determine pruning needs.

     Young trees need pruned in order to establish a strong branch structure. When trees and shrubs are not pruned properly they can become overgrown and weak.

     Whether you are in need of a full landscape design or simply need some sprucing up, Roots is here for you and your lawn care needs!

Professional Lawn Maintenance

Allow Roots Property Solutions to provide high quality professional services for any lawn and any budget. We offer a variety of packages:

  • Weekly manicured lawn service

  • Leaf mulching and removal

  • Spring and Fall Clean Ups

  • Driveway/sidewalk and bed edging

  • Custom packages and discounts

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