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RPS Services

At Roots, our goal is to provide every customer with a solution. Why? Because even though owning a home is potentially the largest asset many of us will own, it also comes with quite a few headaches. RPS is here to take away those headaches! So to speak.



Are you looking to create a relaxing oasis where you can spend time with friends and family?


Does your particular yard consist of large hills that are just too difficult to mow?


Simply need crisp edging, fresh mulch, and a hand picked selection of plants and shrubs?


Do you have water issues in your yard or a retaining wall the needs repair?

We Have Your Solution!

  • Retaining walls

  • Drainage solutions

  • Landscape design

  • Annual plant maintenance

  • Mulch application

  • Detail edging

  • Tree and shrub installation

  • Personalized plant selection

  • Stone patios and walkways

  • Landscape lighting

  • Hardscapes


The Roots team wants to help you with any of your landscape needs. If there is something you are considering that isn't listed under our services please ask! Feel free to send a message or give us a call with any questions.

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